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  Browser War!
Blutig, blutig...

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Netscape Navigator

This is a story about a battlefield scarred by warfare... at least it is not stained by spilt blood. Fought here is with such intensity, one feels reminded to the battle of Verdun. And all this in a war, the impetus of which takes after the cola war between Pepsi und Coca Cola prolonged from the eighties to the present time. We now want to take a look on some of the "scarred places of battle" which faced companies Netscape and Microsoft in fight. If you want to heed the battle call, just send samples of your material to the recruition center. Before you start, however, there still should be time to read this important message.

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You're NOT going anywhere today
Choose some thing similar to life...
Bill sux
Pentium II - a closeup
There can be only one
Bill and the Highlander
Resistance is futile
A true nature
Hardware that runs better without windows
Ain't we all a little retro?
Historical parallels
NS Windows
Historical parallels, part two
Sympathy for the devil
A lost soul
Rest in peace
Where do you want to go today?
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Windows 2000 (522 KB)
The latest beta version... (German language)
The Y2K bug (219 KB)
Detecting the problem
Killing my software (356 KB)
A small song about Windows 95 (MP3)
Start me up (2032 KB)
Micro$oft stoned (MP3)
America Offline (1914 KB)
Some user friendly software (MP3)
Mecha Gatezilla (210 KB)
Attack of the supermonster
Windows 98 (1.068 KB)
A press conference (Video - MOV)
Another Doom - a preview (761 KB)
High playaBILLity ;-) (Video - AVI)
Piece of cake (725 KB)
What a sight... (Video - MPEG)
We are Microsoft (69 KB)
Resistance is futile (MP3)
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Toys and more Some jokes
Ouch (external)
Hit a Bill
Pie Bill Gates (external)
Some other pie chart
Das BillGotchi
Spielen mit Bill!
Fiax lux
Microsoft and the lightbulb incident
Microsoft in midair
Microsoft and the airplane incindent
Windows95 stoned
There's not only 'Start me up'
A true story
Why it's never Microsoft's fault
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If Bill Gates went to heaven...
What would happen above these clouds?
If Bill Gates went to a fastfood restaurant...
Unified taste in all components (not translated yet)
If Bill Gates was a waiter...
The fly in the soup (not translated yet)
If Microsoft made movies...
From Redmond to Hollywood
If beers were like computers...
Don't drink and surf ;-)
If Operating systems were like airlines...
They all come down...
If cars were like computers, part one
A hotline for car owners
If cars were like computers, part two
General Motors vs. Microsoft
Nomen est omen...
Why Microsoft names its product Windows 98 and not Windows 4.1
The ultimate chainletter
If it all gets too much...
Monopoly - the musical
Bill Gates on Broadway
Update to Wife 1.0
If women were like computer programs
Technical support
Sequel to 'Update to Wife 1.0'
Why dogs won't use computers
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Satellites Products
Microsoft in space
Windows aboard the MIR
Stardate 1995
Windows aboard the USS Enterprise (USS 1701-A)
At the borg front
Windows aboard the USS Enterprise (USS 1701-D)
Emergency Medical Holograph
Windows aboard the USS Voyager
The final voyage of the Kursk
... and Microsoft's embroilment
ActiveBill 2000
Bill Gates' holograph
Microsoft Contraceptives...
A suite of applications designed for users who engage in sex
Microsoft God
Our father, thou art in Redmond
Inside Windows95
The source code
Installing Windows95
Another source code
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Bill's very own homepage
Look how great I am...
I hate Bill Gates
Back again...
I hate Windows 2000
... not only for users ...
I hate Netscape
Well, the other way around...
The Windows 2002 Preview Page
One step beyond...
Windows95 annoyances
Annoyed by Windows?
Active HumorNT
What OS do you want to make fun of today?
The Bill Gates and Microsoft jokes site
Laughing with Bill Gates
Better than Microsoft
Do I need to say more?
Download Headscape Hesitator
Headscape whenever!
Nedscape now!
Fake news about Computers
The Mirco$osft Hate Page
Microscoff about Microsoft
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